Mimi Scholer: Bold and Delicate Handmade Jewelry

We love Mimi Scholer and her handmade jewelry peices, most all which are made right in her workshop in the lovely el Born neighborhood of Barcelona.  What makes her stand apart from the rest?  She has a niche for combining delicate materials with bold designs, resulting in unique statement peices that get noticed but don’t scream for attention.  Of course, they can certainly hold their own and can carry an outfit if that’s what you’re going for.  All of the pieces are reasonably priced as well, with earrings around €45 and necklaces ranging from €60 to €120.

Check out some of our favorite peices below, as well as her shop and joint studio in Barcelona.

Mimi Scholer
Mimi Scholer
Mimi Scholer
Mimi Scholer
Mimi Scholer Barcelona Shopfront
For more info on Mimi, here’s a direct link to her site:
All images from of mimischoler.com and mimischolerbarcelonablogspot.com.

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